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By Duncan Rhodes Barcelona Life

Hiring a scooter and exploring the city and nearby sights…

Perhaps with the exception of Italy and its iconic Vespas, there are few countries so synonymous with driving scooters as Spain. Not only is the weather, here on the Iberian peninsula, famously dry (well, except on the plains of course!), but the high running cost of cars and the lack of parking spaces makes the motorbike – or ‘moto’ – the ideal form of transport, be you in Barcelona or Badajoz.

If you want to feel like a local for a few days, and see a lot of the city than you ever could via public transport, then renting a scooter makes excellent sense. There are a number of companies in Barcelona offering cheap daily rentals (or longer), and you’ll certainly appreciate the extra freedom that two wheels gives you. Not only will your moto make light work of the beautiful mountains of Montjuic (with its Olympic ring and heap of cultural treasures) and Tibidabo (with its famous theme park, as featured in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and views from the top of Sagrat Cor Church), but you’ll also be able to make day trips to the likes of Sitges or Montserrat. Or you could simply escape the crowds at Barceloneta by scooting out to some of the more beautiful beaches outside of the city.

To hire a scooter in Spain you will need either a motorbike license, or a general driving license with three years experience, plus your passport (non-Eu citizens) or valid form of photo ID (Eu citizens). Rental companies will naturally insist on a deposit so bring your credit card. Once you’ve satisfied the requirements you’re good to roll!

Barcelona Scooter Rentals


As the name suggests, you won’t be renting any ordinary motos from this company, but none other than the iconic Vespa. Lightweight and good-looking these Italian vehicles are the perfect machines for discovering the Catalan capital, and are available in both 50cc and 125cc models. Best of all you’ll get your own self-guided GPS tour (and a choice of three routes) so you’ll never get lost or get stuck on where to go next!

More options coming soon, otherwise check One Week In Travel Guide for their extensive guide to scooter rental in Barcelona, including price comparisons and store locations.

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