Barcelona Ice Cream

We search out the best ice cream stores in town

By Staff Writer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… we investigate one or two specialist stores.

With reliably hot weather May to September, and temperatures soaring as high as the mid-30s during July and August, travellers will be relieved that Barcelona boasts some of the best and most creative ice cream parlours around for cooling down with a scoop or two. Whilst traditionally Catalans might have been more likely to cool down with a granizado (crushed ice drink) or an orxata (aka ‘horchata’, sweet nut drink from Valencia) than an ice cream, the number of Italian, Argentine, Belgian, American (you name it!) immigrants and expats, means that the humble gelateria has had quite a make over in recent years. In fact innovation in the iced refreshment industry has become quite a trend in these parts, and if you keep your eyes peeled you’ll be able to slurp on something much fancier than a 99 with a Flake, or a Calypso ice lolly… but don’t take our word for it. Check the listings of shops, parlours and other assorted vendors below:

Barcelona Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream doesn’t get much more creative than at this Belgian parlour and creperie, where 200 extraordinary flavours await the sun-stricken tourist. ‘High definition’ coconut and mango varieties will help restore your base temperature, or dice with the curry or wasabi flavours if you are a glutton for punishment. (Alcoholics will be pleased to discover gin and tonic, mojito, caipirinha and Baileys ice creams are also all on the menu!). What makes Belgious special is that a large proportion of each scoop is made out of the base product, making for some of the most intense taste sensations in the city. They also serve up some rather rocking milkshakes, fruit smoothies and juices. Find them in two locations, one in Gotico one in Poblenou.
C/Avinyo 50 and C/Taulat 83 (corner of Rambla del Poblenou)

More recommendations coming v. soon!

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