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First God created man, then God created woman. Then he saw that man and woman were hiding on separate sides of the Garden of Eden too shy to talk to each other. So God created beer. Thanks to beer, man and woman created babies and the human race went forth and prospered.

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The good people of Barcelona Pub Crawl will help you commemorate this divine gift from God on a tour of some of the very best bars and pubs in the city. Starting from between 9:30 and 10:30pm every day (except Sundays) you’ll begin a tour of some of the wildest spots in the city, in the company of fun-lovin’ fellow travellers.

And at the end of this intoxicating nightlife tour your responsible (ahem) guide will deliver you safely into the arms of one of the best nightclubs around (venue varies depending on what’s good on the night), where you’re sure to find your very own Adam or Eve for the evening.

The Price

This is the best bar crawl in Barcelona, with great drinks, cool venues, party games, club entry and a fun crowd… best of all it costs just €13 to join if you book in advance (or €15 on the day), so it’s cheaper than going out on your own.

What’s Included?

This price includes not just your expert nightlife guide, but also free welcome beer or sangria (in fact Barcelona Life readers receive an additional welcome drink! Keep reading!), free tapas or pintxo snack, free shots, and free VIP nightclub entry into one of the top venues (which are often more than €20 if you’re not on the list).

And the incredible thing is, once you’ve joined one crawl, you can turn up to unlimited crawls for free for the rest of your stay. Perfect if you’re a backpacker on a budget! You just pay once and keep having fun…

Claim Your FREE Extra Drink!

Everyone gets one free drink welcome drink on this night out, but Barcelona Life readers get a “HERO’S WELCOME” additional free beer!

When you arrive at Craft Barcelona (see below), just mention either “BARCELONA LIFE” or “HERO’S WELCOME” on arrival, to claim your refreshing bonus free beer or sangria!

And remember to raise a toast to us! ?

When and Where? The Meeting Point

The bar crawl runs every night of the week from Monday to Saturday (they take a rest on Sundays!), and often has up to 100 people per night, especially during high season.

The meeting point is a Craft Barcelona, a social craft beer spot in the Gothic Quarter, right in the centre of the action.

You can check our map, or click the ‘Get Directions’ button to find it.

The meeting time is between 9:30 and 10:30pm.

From there you will head to three fun and wild bars, before finishing the night at a top club like Shoko, Apolo, City Hall or Opium. These clubs typically stay open until 6am so don’t expect to get home until late!

Reserve Your Place

You can reserve your tickets to this crazy night out directly with the organisers. Just head to their website, where you can book securely online. And don’t forget to ask for your “HERO’S WELCOME” free beer on arrival!

Dress Code

Barcelona is fairly liberal on dress codes in general, but as the night finishes in a club, better dress to impress. To be sure of getting in everywhere, do not wear sports clothes, flip flops / sandals, or carry backpacks.

This activity is for over 18s only, and you should bring ID if you’re between 18-21, or are blessed with youthful looks, just to be on the safe side.

This event is not suitable for bachelor parties. Email for stag group options, or check out our article.

And Remember…

Yes, we’re old and boring at Barcelona Life, but please do remember to drink (vaguely) responsibly, look out for each other, and not disturb the ordinary citizens of Catalonia when you’re traipsing back wasted to your hotel or hostel by shouting like a maniac at 4am. A little consideration for others goes a long way!

Latest Reviews of Barcelona Pub Crawl

  • "LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - by Emma
    Amazing time... so much fun... so many great (and sexy!) people. The club at the end was packed and we danced the night away with all the cool peeps we had met during the night. Would do it again in an instant.


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Barcelona Pub Crawl

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