Barcelona Christmas 2019

Barcelona Christmas 2019


As in much of the rest of the world, there’s a minor festival taking place on the 25th December celebrating the coming of the world’s most famous carpenter. (Not Karen, in case you were wondering).

Despite the often balmy weather, Barcelona does a great job of getting in the festive spirit with several markets, some wacky traditions and plenty of winterval cheer.

Christmas Markets

The best of the Christmas markets is the one set up in the shadow of the Gothic Cathedral, where around 300 stalls will sell a mix of festive goodies and decorations – including the infamous ‘Caganers‘. You’ll easily recognise these cheeky peasants as they are perennially squatting down, doing a number 2… for good luck apparently. You’ll also find plenty of celebrity versions for sale.


Apart from the aforementioned Caganer, keeping with the excrement-rated theme, the Catalans have a second sh!t-related tradition in the Caga Tio… a log which you beat with a stick until it craps presents. You might see a huge one at any of the Xmas markets, or the public squares.

Harbour Swim

Also fun is the Christmas Day Harbour Swim which starts at noon on the 25th. Brave participants take an icy dip as they race across Port Vell (near the bottom of Las Ramblas).

Christmas Meals & Parties

Plenty of pubs and restaurants will serve a slap up Christmas meal on the 25th, so if you’re interested in joining in the merriment then head to our feature article for much more info on Christmas traditions, markets, dinners and parties.

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