Australia Day Party + Fundraiser

Australia Day Party + Fundraiser

January 25 - January 26

If you’ve been following the news at all, you’ll know that Australia has been going through an extremely rough time recently with wild fires ravaging the country, killing 29 people and billions of animals, including devastating the territory of the already endangered koala bear.

That’s why Belushi’s have decided to donate 100% of their bar profits from this year’s Australia Day celebrations to the Bushfire relief in Australia. Their chosen charities are the Australian Red Cross, The Australian Salvation Army and WWF Australia.

In other words, the more beers you drink, the more cuddly koalas you save!

As usual, they’ll be epic tunes from Aussie’s finest bands on the stereo, drinks promos, bar food, sports and raffle.

The ‘day’ is in fact a weekender, so head over any time on the 25th or 26th January from noon to 2am. More info here.

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