Alternative Pub Crawl

There are plenty of typical pub and bar crawls in Barcelona, but this latest venture – by the people who brought you Steel Donkey Bike Tours – looks set to be a bit different. Rather than leading a huge and unwieldy crowd of travellers to all the most touristy bars in Barcelona, this pub crawl takes a crack squad of curious drinkers (ie. you!) to some of the funkiest underground venues in the city where the locals themselves drink.

None of the bars they take you to offer any incentives (if free shots of peach schnapps at an Irish pub is what you’re after, then look elsewhere) and each time they take a different route, depending on what they think you’ll like (so give them as much info as possible!).

This alternative pub crawl costs €25 with a free welcome drink and late night venue entry, and now has been rebranded as “The Hipster Bar Crawl of Barcelona“! Start by emailing and then prepare to meet the guide at a secret rendez vous!


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Alternative Pub Crawl

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