From your paws to your maws, Ethiopian style

Barcelona’s only Ethiopian restaurant resides in the genteel district of Gracia, and is well worth a visit if you fancy dining a little differently tonight.

Here at Abissinia there are no formal tables, starched linen and silver cutlery; rather visitors are seated on low ottoman-style stools and food is served to them on top of hourglass-shaped straw ‘mesobs’ to be picked at using only their hands (allegedly this improves the taste sensation!).

Both meat and vegetarian dishes are brought to life with exotic spices, according to millennia-old recipes, and then laid out on a vast disk of bread: diners simply tear off pieces and scoop up the flavours into their mouthes! So pack your wetwipes. As well as the set menu Abissinia offers tasting menus for groups and some delicious desserts and Ethiopian tea.

Definitely one of the more original restaurants in Barcelona if you’re hoping to impress.

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