Footballers and fashionistas galore

A touch of the exotic East pervades this super-chic restaurant and bar lounge, where the likes of Piqué and pals like to unwind after a hard day of running around the Nou Camp. Cross-legged buddhas and Chinese architectural motifs are not Carpe Diem Lounge Club’s main attraction however: those would be the huge double beds, pristinely clothed in white, which prove perfect for snuggling up to sugar daddies whilst ordering yet another bottle of Champagne.

Astride the main bar, a well-appointed terrace affords a cool breeze and the chance to rub bronzed shoulders with Barcelona’s beautiful bibbers and babblers, if things are getting too hot on the dancefloor.

A classic stop on the glitzy Port Olimpic strip, CDLC is busy night and day during summer.


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