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This family-run company was established in Barcelona in 2000 and has one of the best portfolio of apartments in the city. So whether you're searching for a pad right on the famous Barceloneta beach, or you'd prefer to chill out in the Gothic Quarter of the Old Town (Ciutat Vella) with your own roof terrace, then you'll find a perfect place to suit your needs. And if you have somewhere else in mind, they also have great accommodation in Las Ramblas, Gracia, Raval and other popular districts of Barcelona. The CitySiesta Team is used to finding apartments for groups of friends, families with children and business people so they know what you're looking for and can help you make a great decision. They have a minimum stay policy of three nights (and why would you stay less in Barcelona!?) and they regularly update their website with special offers. For more apartment operators and advice on booking a holiday flat head here.

Apartments CitySiesta

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reviewed by Zinate from Spain on Oct.14.2017

not bad

reviewed by Jerry from Germany on Sep.18.2014

We had a great time in Spain thanks to these guys!

reviewed by Suzanne from United States on Aug.21.2012

They helped me organise a great stay in Barcelona! Muchas gracias

reviewed by DC from United States on May.04.2011

we found a delightful little apartment in the Gothic Town thanks to Apartments CitySiesta. a tremendous stay and we were even lucky with the weather

reviewed by JJ from United States on Jan.25.2010



Hotel 1898
reviewed Oct.14.2017
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