Les Bambes Del Gatuqui

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On the exotic-sounding Countess Sobradiel street in the Gothic Quarter lurks this tiny treasure, the similarly exotically-named Les Bambes del Gatuqui (Catalan for 'The Kitten's Trainers'), a delightful little vintage store. Here the friendly owner, a Catalan from Formentera, sells rare pieces of nostalgia to those old enough to remember the 80s and earlier (or to youngsters with a healthy appreciation of better days!). Vinyl albums by Blondie, the Miami Vice soundtrack on 7 inch, Polaroid cameras and erotic playing cards are just some of the fun souvenirs to take home with you. Currently the shop is busy bolstering its collection of vintage sunglasses and you'll find frames sourced from Denmark and Iceland, or even Communist-era shades from 1950s Czechoslovakia if you're lucky - plus a range of tragically untrendy ties from the same country and era. That's really the tip of the iceberg, so if you're in the neighbourhood keep an eye out for the store marked by the homemade shopfront bearing the word VINTAGE in gold letters.

Les Bambes Del Gatuqui

Fantastic. Be sure to ask the owner to tell you the stories behind some of the items. He showed me a porcelain tequila bottle from Mexico and an oriental tobacco holder which would have passed me by (too busy looking at the vintage smut!). In the end left with a funky sky blue LCT watch.

reviewed by Rhodezinho from United Kingdom on Sep.14.2011