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address: Plaša de les Gl˛ries Catalanes, 8

tel: +34 (93) 2463030

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Originally called "La Fira de Bellcaire" (The Bellcaire Fair) the history of Barcelona's largest flea market can be dated back to the 14th Century when it was held on the other side of the city. It's since changed its name to Els Encants Vells (Old Charms Market) and now resides in Glories, just below the futuristic Torre Agbar skyscraper and safely out of tourist-ville if you're up for an authentic local experience. As for the Encants Market's wares, they are an incongruous mix of modern furniture and household goods, cheap underwear and bargain basement clothing, and a large array of absolute junk. The latter is fascinating, even if you're hardly likely to be tempted to buy a broken mobile phone or mantlepiece fillers that look like they were stolen from a pensioner with particularly bad taste. Of course there are some genuine treasures in there too... like vintage posters and comics, some nice handicrafts and the occasional work of art worth having - although you may need the nose of an Antiques Road Show dealer to find them. Open Mon, Weds, Fri and Sat in the morning, Encants Market starts to wind down around 3pm.

Encants Market

what a junk heap! Honestly it's hilarious what on sale here! Encants seems to be selling the contents of burgalised old persons home... from the 70s! def worth visiting although more as a experience than a genuine chance of finding priceless antiques

reviewed by Vince from United States on Feb.01.2013