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address: Ronda Universitat, 19

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Vintage fashion is all the rage in Barcelona, but paradoxically it has become so hip that you can actually spend more on vintage items than you would on new clothes! If that's the kind of economics that gets your knickers in a twist then you'll be glad to discover Humana, a charity shop where a large selection of quality second hand clothes are sold at reasonable prices (for both men and women). Rows of shirts, skirts, shoes and accessories can be found in their spacious store on Ronda Universitat (they have several other branches scattered around Barcelona) and there's even some rare delights like colourful flamenco dresses - a classy souvenir, or possibly fancy dress outfit for the Sitges Carnival! New togs start from 2 or 3 euros and even if you spend a little more you can bask in the good feeling that you're helping Humana's many charitable projects in Asia and Africa.


These people were denied charitable status in the UK and closed down. They have been outlawed in Denmark where they originated (do a search on google for tvind). They exploit their staff - most of whom work for free - while the owners syphon off nearly 95% of money made. What little goes to charity goes to projects that are poorly planned and do more harm than good. Please - inform yourself before you give people your money.

reviewed by Simon Brown from United Kingdom on Jun.08.2013

bought a great pair of flared slacks here... just 5 euros for you amigo! the quality of the selection is the same as most 'vintage' stores but prices are decent

reviewed by BCN Hipster from United States on Sep.12.2011