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Opened in 2004 to address the dearth of English-language literature in Barcelona, Hibernian Books has gone on to cement a cult status amongst the city's expat community (or at least it's more high brow members!). Located in the suitably Bohemian barrio of Gracia, Hibernian boasts over 40,000 English-language titles, most of them second-hand, lending the store the kind of romantic charm that is the essence of any good book shop. Classic novels, modern literature, kids' stories and plenty of non-fiction and learning materials make Hibernian an invaluable resource for Anglophiles and of course there are plenty of books about Barcelona itself, for those who want to get under the literary skin of the city.

Hibernian Books

lovely place for book lovers and good prices as well

reviewed by Iuliana Arsene from Romania on Mar.21.2012

A lovely selection of books and a great atmosphere. Sometimes I come in just to browse! I can't imagine Gracia without this shop - it wouldn't be the same

reviewed by Frankie from United States on Feb.01.2011

I love this place!

reviewed by Tara from Ireland on Nov.18.2010

I picked up a lovely hardback copy of The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón for a paltry 5 euros. Very nice shop and helpful staff.

reviewed by Duncan from United Kingdom on May.26.2010