El Corte Ingles

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address: Placa Catalunya 14

tel: +34 (93) 3063800

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As the name suggests El Corte Ingles is as close as you'll get in Barcelona to the old-school English department store experience. Professional assistance, reliable returns policy and a large range of upmarket goods for house and wardrobe. Exciting it ain't, but with no Marks and Sparks or John Lewis in sight sensible shoppers might appreciate finding everything under one roof and there are some hip brands to go with the more classic. The electronics department is particularly handy, whilst presents for your dear mama are on every shelf of the cosmetics and beauty department. You'll find several branches of El Corte Ingles around Barcelona, including this one on Placa Catalunya

El Corte Ingles

If you enjoy being treated rudely by staff, I would recommend shopping here. Otherwise, I would recommend taking your business elsewhere. Passeig de Gracias has many of the same shops with highly competent staff who treat you with respect.

Please, do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

reviewed by AJ from United States on Mar.16.2016

Quite handy. One of the stores on Placa Catalunya has FC Barcelona souvenirs. Another has big brand fashion labels. Mostly what you'd expect from a department store.

reviewed by Benji from United Kingdom on Jan.11.2011

El Corte Ingles is a dreadful shop. Do all you can to avoid giving them custom. Famously overpriced and with staff who are so rude and arrogant that I have to suppress the urge to slap them. You will hear people tell you 'oh it is worth paying 30% more for everything you buy there, because they have such a good returns policy' Bullshit. I have just tried to take my coffeemaker back, 8 months after I purchased it. They very helpfully gave my the address of a local repairman. They are crooks and thieves. Avoid

reviewed by steve from United States on Oct.13.2009