Barcelona shop reviews

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El Corte Ingles

If you enjoy being treated rudely by staff, I would recommend shopping here. Otherwise, I would recommend taking your business elsewhere. Passeig de Gracias has many of the same shops with highly competent staff who treat you with respect. Please, do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

reviewed by AJ from United States on Mar.16.2016


Great location.. by the beach!! Plus, it's open on Sundays, where you can hang out and shop, because most malls are closed in Barcelona on Sundays.

reviewed by Lili from United States on Sep.21.2015

Paella Showroom

mi espacio favorito en barna! siempre regreso a ver que novedades tienen, me encanta su selección de ropa e ilustración...y la música!

reviewed by emilio from Spain on Jun.26.2015

Casa Gispert

Fantastic little shop in the city center. They have so many tasty-looking things. I bought a small bag of their roasted almonds to take home and wished I'd bought more!

reviewed by Jess89 from United States on Feb.11.2015

L'illa Diagonal

Bit far from the city center, but there's some great shopping to be done here! They seem to have nicer stuff here than at other malls in the city.

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Jan.07.2015

Art Montfalcon

This is such a great place to get souvenirs! They have all kinds of fun stuff, and it was easy to find gifts for everyone. Plus, it's fun to walk around too.

reviewed by Blondie89 from United States on Dec.30.2014

Santa Caterina Market

The roof is a masterpiece. And I agree with the reviewer, this offers a more pleasant and authentic shopping experience than La Boqueria. I sometimes just buy some good hams, breads and cheeses and go to the nearby Parc de la Ciutadella!!!

reviewed by D. from United Kingdom on Dec.02.2014

Lomo BCN

Fantastic little shop to visit! Even if you don't end up buying anything, it's a really fun place to stop in and browse. Check out the displays of snaps on the walls to get inspired for some photo opportunities of your own.

reviewed by Julie from United States on Nov.25.2014

La Roca Village

Pretty tacky fake village miles outside the centre. Some good deals I suppose but not worth when the time and cost to get there IMHO. Full of plastic Russian wives loading up on labels

reviewed by PJ from United Kingdom on Nov.13.2014


These people were denied charitable status in the UK and closed down. They have been outlawed in Denmark where they originated (do a search on google for tvind). They exploit their staff - most of whom work for free - while the owners syphon off nearly 95% of money made. What little goes to charity goes to projects that are poorly planned and do more harm than good. Please - inform yourself before you give people your money.

reviewed by Simon Brown from United Kingdom on Jun.08.2013

La Roca Village

There are a lot of shops in Barcelona centre but this village is very pleasant to spend an afternoon in (better than being cooped up in a shopping mall) and some of the bargains we found were fantastic. I wish i wasn't travelling with hand luggage only Or I would have bought more. The bus service was pretty painless, but costs around 10-15 euros return if I remember correclty.

reviewed by Francis from United Kingdom on May.13.2013

Paella Showroom

This is one of my favourite shops in Barcelona. Everything they have it is made by local artists. The owners are extremely friendly and they always show you the new collections and the phtograph exhibitions. It is the perfect place to buy vintage clothes,and it also comes handy when I have to buy a present to a friend. Every time I go they have new things, so I always love to pop in to see what's new! If you come to Barcelona and want to buy a different, authentic and unique souvenir, this is the place!

reviewed by María from Spain on Apr.18.2013

La Boqueria

Seems like there are as many tourists with cameras as people buying food these days but still one of the city's most essential visceral experiences... gourmands can't miss it

reviewed by Paulina from United States on Mar.08.2013

Encants Market

what a junk heap! Honestly it's hilarious what on sale here! Encants seems to be selling the contents of burgalised old persons home... from the 70s! def worth visiting although more as a experience than a genuine chance of finding priceless antiques

reviewed by Vince from United States on Feb.01.2013

La Roca Village

realy good bargains and service

reviewed by masha from Russia on Dec.04.2012

Paella Showroom

Great little space full of perfect pressie ideas for your hip friends. I particularly loved the art nouveau notepads!

reviewed by Sir Slinkalot from Belarus on Nov.22.2012

Lomo BCN

In Born I've found a very special shoes shop called Zapatos de Diseno, they are behind el Fossar de les Moreres, Santa Maria del Mar Church. Beautiful embroidered shoes I'd never seen in my life.

reviewed by Lynda from United States on Oct.23.2012

La Boqueria

What's a wonderful rainbow! Colors and noises are fantastic. You can eat something or only walk.. This market is the realt heart of the City! More impressions on this page

reviewed by The Taste of The Trip! from Italy on Oct.03.2012

Formatgeria La Seu

We are so lucky to be able to purchase Katherine's Spanish cheeses in Bcn. Highly recommended!

reviewed by Isabelle Brunet from Spain on Sep.13.2012

La Roca Village

Very nice place to spend a day's shopping on a typically sunny Spanish afternoon! I've been twice and picked up some great bargains both times... esp. at the Puma store as I am a bit of Puma junkie. The bus transfer is very comfortable and easy and costs 12 euros return from BCN.

reviewed by DSR from United Kingdom on Jun.20.2012

Hibernian Books

lovely place for book lovers and good prices as well

reviewed by Iuliana Arsene from Romania on Mar.21.2012

La Boqueria

Thanks this is a handy map you have! We didn't buy much because we had already booked tables at a restaurant but the fruit juices - all different types mixed together - were sensational

reviewed by Kate from United States on Mar.08.2012

Les Bambes Del Gatuqui

Fantastic. Be sure to ask the owner to tell you the stories behind some of the items. He showed me a porcelain tequila bottle from Mexico and an oriental tobacco holder which would have passed me by (too busy looking at the vintage smut!). In the end left with a funky sky blue LCT watch.

reviewed by Rhodezinho from United Kingdom on Sep.14.2011


bought a great pair of flared slacks here... just 5 euros for you amigo! the quality of the selection is the same as most 'vintage' stores but prices are decent

reviewed by BCN Hipster from United States on Sep.12.2011


THe store on Carrer Ferran is easier to find as it's very near La Rambla. A good store although pricey by American standards.

reviewed by Kyle from United States on Aug.09.2011