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Established in 1998, Oxford House is one of Barcelona's leading Spanish language academies. Those looking to learn Spanish can choose from extensive courses (3 hrs/per week), which run from October to June (perfect for expats already living in Barcelona), 2-4 week summer courses (20 hrs/per week), a one week beginner course, private classes, or even personalised immersion courses, where classes are supplemented by lunch, sightseeing and homestays - all in Spanish! All of Oxford House's courses focus on oral communication and teaching you the vocabulary you'll need to get by in real-life situations - whilst still providing a strong grammar base. The school's prices are extremely competitive (see their website for more info), and the academy is centrally located just a few blocks from Passeig de Gracia.

Oxford House

I don't think Oxford house is a good choice for study Spanish from scratch! if you know the basic before you might earn benefit from the class, because the class is focusing on speaking and make an exercise from a xerox sheet. They don't use the book in class and I think that make the class have no direction, like what we're going to study today or today we will focusing on..., It's like they give you a puzzle that you have to put it into picture by yourself and I think for the beginner who have no idea what is that picture look like? it's quite hard cause a confusion. Anyway this is a review and it's only an opinion of one student who's study in Spanish 60 Basic 1 in Oxford House Barcelona.

reviewed by Sasamon from Thailand on Oct.10.2012

Bardzo dobrze!

reviewed by Monika from Poland on May.23.2012

I have been a student in Oxford House since May 2011 and I am loving it! the social networking is really cool and my english has improved ;) I absolutly recommend this place!

reviewed by Lydia Elena from Spain on Jan.02.2012

I was recommended Oxford House by a friend who studied there and I was very satisfied with the level of teaching and the professors. Excellent overall.

reviewed by Sara from Germany on Oct.14.2011