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address: C/Comte Borrell 164-166

tel: +34 (93) 3182056

fax: +34 (93) 3178206

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It's no secret that gay men are one of the groups most at risk of contracting HIV the virus that leads to AIDs, and this clinic has been especially set up for homosexual and bisexual men to provide a safe and confidential place to get tested. As well as rapid HIV checks (results in less than 30 mins), BCN Checkpoint can also test for other prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases amongst men, so you can have peace of mind or, in the worst case scenario, the medical attention you need. The clinic specialises in offering services to men who've had sex with men, however heterosexuals requiring an AIDs test can book an appointment at the ACASC clinic in Raval.

BCN Checkpoint

I was very impressed with the service I received today. I saw one of the doctors and he was patient, empathetic, professional yet extremely personable. All the staff were friendly and nice looking!!!! It helped to receive my results from such an attractive doctor. Is that shallow? The experience was much better than I could have anticipated.

reviewed by Daniel from United Kingdom on Nov.14.2013

I think the idea of this 30 minute test is very good. I went there twice. I do only safersex but all 6 months I want to be sure that I am free of that virus. as many gays in bcn are HIV+ (30% or more as some never do a test)

but there was something that I did not like. for survey reasons they ask you alot of questions and you have to answer it more or less. and none of this guys has a degree in medicine. somehow it looks like they picked up some goodlooking guys who wants to play doctor!

I know from germany that you can do anonymous test for free, the doctor is talking about the risk and to practice safersex but they never ask you about your race how many sexpartners you had etc.

so I decided I will not go there anymore as i dont feel comfortable with this fashion gays pretending to be professionals. I found out that outside of barcelona you can do this fast test in some pharmacys for free and they dont ask you anything, only that you are a high risk person.

and also they should have this center in a public hospital with free test for everybody not only for gays!!

reviewed by antonio from Spain on Apr.28.2011

Just do it!

reviewed by Sylwio from Spain on Jun.09.2010