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We've all done it (or at least so a straw poll of the Barcelona Life office seems to indicate): indulged in the Barcelona nightlife a little too heavily and woken up next to someone we probably shouldn't have - without having taken the necessary precautions! Sadly cases of HIV on the rise in Spain - and 30% of people living with the virus are unaware they are carrying it! Whereas we sincerely hope you don't have cause to regret your 'youthful indiscretions' its important to do the responsible thing and pop into your local sexual health clinic for an AIDs test. You need to wait 3 months since you had unprotected sex and then book an appointment at this, the Association Ciutadana Anti-Sida de Catalunya (ACASC). At this confidential clinic a pinprick on the finger will tell you within 15 minutes if you're in the clear, although thanks to modern medicine a positive result for HIV is no cause for despair... another sexual health clinic on C/Comte Borrell provides the same service for gay men.

Anti-AIDS Clinic

Im the HIV physician in Georgia. I have the patient with HIV infection who is going to live in Spain. How can she get the medicines and care in Spain? Is HIV positive status related to problems in getting residency in Spain?

reviewed by Tea K. from Georgia on Mar.25.2016

hello I'm changes to barcelona, I am HIV positive and I follow my treatment religiously, I wonder if in barcelona has some sort of monitoring to provide the drug if it's free or not

reviewed by vicente from United States on Feb.13.2016

persona muy agradable que explica muy bien los riesgos y las cosas a hacer.
Test rapido y bien hecho

reviewed by Rom from France on Nov.06.2015

Good quick service. Done immediately with just a pinprick blood test.

reviewed by Anon from United States on Nov.12.2014