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Ah, there's nothing like the fresh woodland air - that makes you want to run around like crazy shooting anything that moves with your paint gun! Welcome to the Barcelona paintball experience. Sign up for this activity and you call the shots. Do you want a team death match, strategical missions or something in between...? Whatever you choose they'll be plenty of dodging bullets, laying ambushes in the undergrowth and, when it's all done, recounting tales of soldierly greatness. If you want to make your trip to Barcelona special don't pass on a day's paintballing at these superb facilities in the Catalan countryside.

Barcelona Paintball

had an amazing day paintballing for my Barcelona stag weekend with the lads... brought out the kids in us even tho most of us are in our late 30ties

reviewed by Johnny Boy from United Kingdom on Feb.18.2010



Barcelona Guide Bureau
reviewed Sep.11.2017
"We do really appreciate everything in this journey. Amaia was really pretty..."
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