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During this fun and original activity you'll travel to a family-run vineyard in an idyllic corner of the Penedes wine region, near Barcelona, where you'll not only taste several different types of Cava - the region's famous sparkling white wine - but you'll also take part in the bottling process and create your own personal Cava. Once you've selected your favourite blend of grapes you yourself will perform the ancient art of 'disgorgement', the final step in the wine's production process before it's ready for consumption. This great day out not only includes the Cava tasting and bottling, but also a tour of the vineyards, video screening, and a look at the cellars and production process. The price is 42 euros per person, and includes free transport from the local train station (which is a 50 min journey from central Barcelona). Plus of course you get to keep the personalised Cava which you bottled yourself (you can even design your own label!). For a little extra you can also enjoy a delicious rustic lunch on the premises of the vineyard's 1,000-year-old farm house, and there's also the possibility of extending your day with a guided visit of a second winery. To book or request info simply send us an email. Due to the extremely popular nature of this activity we recommend booking ahead of time if possible, especially for weekends.

Create Your Own Cava

The experience at create your own cava was amazing.
Eric and Santi went above and beyond to make the day engaging, fun, relaxed and special for my two friends birthdays. I cannot highlight enough how impressed we were with the day that they put on for us, as well as their knowledge of Cava and clearly their passion for it.
On top of that Sylvia who helped me book the experience was extremely pleasant and helpful and made organising this trip so easy.
From start to finish the experience was great and I am very pleased with the overall journey. I will definitely recommend this to friends and family.
Thank you very much.

reviewed by Victoria from United Kingdom on Sep.07.2016

I've never got teary about writing a review before...

I started working with the staff of this activity about 4 months ago when I began planning my engagement proposal. The team here made this day beyond memorable and special. From the little things like explaining architecture and history to going through the bottling process and letting us bottle our own, to helping me design a custom bottle label with our engagement date, everything was perfect. Eric is a god of cava making and Ramon should have his own show on the Travel Channel. We spend the afternoon learning about the region, the intricacies of cava making and why this region is the only one in the world that can do it right. We had a Catalan meal (best duck I've ever had) and Ramon filmed the entire proposal for us so that we could have it. All in all, it was the best Friday ever. We will be returning here in the next two years when we come back to Spain.

If you come to Barcelona and do not come here, you've failed at vacationing. Skip the tourist stuff and do this trip. It's worth every cent.

reviewed by Jesse M from United States on May.11.2016

I recently was taken to this activity by some friends for a surprise hen outing whilst in Barcelona and I can tell you that I did not stop smiling the whole day. We were picked up from the station and we then were treated to a tour of the building and the cava stores. We all found the day to be incredibly enjoyable and I know that some of us are looking forward to returning. Ramon and Eric were very personable guides who treated us like old friends rather than tourists. The cava we tasted was delicious (and plentiful), as was the home cooked traditional Catalan lunch we were served. It was really interesting to find out information about the different types of cavas produced and we found the day very informative. We corked, caged and cleaned our own bottle of cava each to take home with us as a lovely memento of the day. Thank you Ramon and Eric for such a lovely day. I hope to return soon.

reviewed by Amy from United Kingdom on Apr.18.2016

Superb afternoon spent with Ramon and Eric at this Barcelona Life activity. A very interesting tour of the house, a very enjoyable wine tasting, a delicious home cooked traditional Catalan lunch and a memorable time making our own cava bottles (putting cork in, cleaning, putting cage on, putting foil, putting labels on the bottle) and a very fun rest of the weekend in BCN enjoying our cava.

This tour is so different from the wine tours offered by the larger cava houses. It is personable, friendly, well organised, relaxed and truly an afternoon I will never forget.

reviewed by Amy from United Kingdom on Apr.07.2016

“An absolute must”

Ramon was patient and helpful as I was trying to figure out scheduling with him over email. He picked me up at the train station, drove me around the area first, was full of history and information. At the vineyard, he was full of more insight and family history as well as the history of the region, cava, etc.

Best part? I got to finish the bottling process, cork, and label my own bottle to take home with me.

I highly suggest making this excursion if you're in Barcelona or anywhere near the Lavern-Subirats area. It's worth the trip.

reviewed by Kelly from United States on Nov.10.2015

“The BEST day out!!!”

One of the most fantastic days! Visited on my hen do and could not have been more impressed. Eric and the team were wonderful, picked us up from the station (and didn't mind that we were slightly late) we learnt a lot and drunk a lot of really wonderful Cava.
Such a superb day, if you are staying in Barcelona you MUST go it's simply amazing! Wonderful value for money, super fun and interesting:)

Will definitely go again when I am next in Barcelona.

reviewed by Jessie from United Kingdom on Aug.13.2015

This isn't a maybe... It's a must! Eric and Ramon couldn't have treated us nicer. My family and I felt as if we had been welcomed not on a tour, but into someone's home.
The tour itself was wonderful and Ramon has amazing knowledge to share about the area, the history of cava making and of their brand and why they do what they do. It's not just a business that you learn about .. You learn about the warm culture of the area and the vineyard.
The Cava itself is wonderful. Fresh and light . The lunch that Ramon prepared was a table of riches. If you are a foodie, this is where you want to have a meal! We were humbled by his hospitality.
All this topped off with bottling our own bottles of Cava.
Thank you both for making this a day our entire family will never forget!!

reviewed by Jill from United States on Jul.28.2015

I have no idea how this tour makes money. There is just so much value here.

Ramon, an amazingly charismatic and personable host, gave us a thorough and entertaining history on cava and the entire Catalan and wine region. Our group of 4 (2 couples) enjoyed a full day of generous cava, educational and engaging banter finished up with bottling our own cava to take home. This was a superb day and if you have the slightest interest in wine or champagne I couldn't recommend it enough. By far the best wine tasting tour I've ever been on, in beautiful surroundings with clearly passionate people.

reviewed by adamquigley from Australia on Jul.15.2015

We did the Create Your Own Cava experience and it was definitely the highlight of our trip to Barcelona - we had a fantastic day with Ramon and another couple from Australia (also called Adam and Jess!) and came away with 2 bottles of some of the best cava we've ever had. From first emailing Eric about a reservation, the whole team were so friendly and assisted with trains arriving to the station near the winery. Ramon greeted us at the station and drove us first to overlook the whole Penedes region and explain about some of the history. Then at the winery itself, we started with a tour of the house and more history behind the family before moving on to a (very generous) tasting session in the courtyard. We tried 3 different cavas (and 2 olive oils as well which were made by their friends down the road) which were all beautiful, and we had more than a bottle of each one between the four of us, and then some... The disgorging process was really fun too and the whole day was very relaxed but incredibly informative - Ramon clearly loves what he does and it was so infectious. We finished the actual day later than we had expected but we were in no rush so he drove all 4 of us down to a local restaurant (I wouldn't go if you can't speak any Spanish though) and came back to pick us up after we'd finished, which was a really great touch.
Would massively recommend and will strongly look at ordering some of the cava online - thanks, Ramon!

reviewed by Adam T. from United Kingdom on Jul.15.2015

Part of our tour in Barcelona we went to this unique and wonderful winery. Eric hosted us with a total down to earth, relaxed tour of the home and facilities and complete process of making the Cava. He reminds us of our favorite vintner here in Virgina, USA, Jeff White-Glen Manor Vineyards. Eric is true to the grape, not enhancing or using additives. It is made as they feel it should be and reflect the results of the season. Meeting Eric was one of the great highlights of our Mediterranean experience.

reviewed by Lee Ruddle from United States on Jul.02.2015

“Please let's keep this a secret - it's too awesome to share :P”

I visited with 3 girlfriends while on a bachelorette party in Barcelona. We found it online and thought "hey, not too expensive, even if not too awesome, not too big loss, let's go for it".... and not only did they live up, they exceeded and impressed me!
We spent the day with Ramon, who was so genuinely friendly that we almost forgot we were "paying him to do his job" and thought we were just hanging out with a friend.
SERIOUSLY interesting information, WELL organised and best wine (ok cava, but i include wine in my comparison) tour I have ever had.
The only thing that would potentially hold them back from being fully booked - they are so well priced so people probably don't think it's so amazing!
GRACIS gracis Ramon & all the team! I'll be back as soon as in the neighbourhood!

reviewed by Charlita from Switzerland on Apr.21.2015

On our last day of the trip, we decided to do a cava tasting. For those of you who are unfamiliar, cava is a sparkling Spanish wine that is similar to champagne (but so much better). My friend, Ashley, introduced me to a glass of it several years back and I have been a fan ever since. Spain is known for their cava and what better way to enjoy it than exploring the vineyards, learning the history behind it as well as the art of cava making? Let me tell you, this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Barcelona Life was the company we went through and it only required a 40 minute train ride outside of the city. We met the owner, Eric, and enjoyed a 6-hour cava excursion with our host, Ramon. I can honestly say, we became friends with Ramon when it was all said and done. In fact, we still keep in touch through Instagram! He was one of the most interesting and knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. After our tasting and tour of the facility, we made our very own bottles of cava to take home with us and indulged in a delicious meal that Ramon cooked – it was hands down one of the best meals we had in Barcelona. What an experience!

reviewed by Jess from United States on Feb.11.2015

What a wonderful addition to our trip to Barcelona. We were a group of 10 - ranging in age from 12 - 77 with many different interests and needs! Our day out was fun for all!

Eric was incredibly easy to work with during the planning phase. We needed to change our day and time numerous times and he was flexible, accommodating and responsive.

Eric and Ramon picked us up at the metro stop and greeted us warmly. We spent most of the day with Ramon who was an excellent guide. He is clearly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate about his country and work. We learned so much. The day was a perfect combination of information about the history and current status of the country, house/farm and Cava as well as hands on experiences bottling Cava - perfect for any age group.

We had lunch in the 1000 year old farm house. Wow - it was amazing! The variety, freshness and quantity exceeded all expectations. We ended up spending most of the day at the winery and it was clearly a highlight of vacation overall!

We highly recommend this activity!

reviewed by Alisa Nagler from United States on Jan.12.2015

A local artisan vineyard. We had an incredible visit there, learning the history of the region, visiting the cellar, being taken through the entire process of making Cava, and then on to the tasting. My wife and I had tasted at least 10 different Cava's at home before starting our vacation (yes, we do like to imbibe!), but were extremely impressed with the products. All three couples made purchases because we liked it so much (it didn't make it back to the US - but went well with the cheeses bought at Montserrat!). Unfortunately, they do not distribute in the US due to it's limited release and being more boutique. Too bad, because we would drink quite a bit if available. Thank you, Eric, for a great tour and a great place to end the day!

reviewed by Andrea Schaffel from United States on Dec.09.2014

A group of seven Norwegian guys had an excellent guided tour with Ramon. We enjoyed a prefectly sunny day at the winery, was served delicious cavas and a fantastic lunch! Thanks a lot for Your hospitality; Eric, Ramon and Miquel Angel!

reviewed by Erik from Norway on Sep.16.2014

We had a great visit at the winery! Just outside Barcelona is this amazingly beautifull place, that has so much to offer. We had a great tour around the wineyard with Ramon as our guide, it was more than just a regular tuorist experience, it was the creation of a great memory. Ramon was such a passionate guide, that you couldn't help to feel smitten by it!
We would list this as a 'must do' for everyone visiting Barcelona, who has the slightest interest in learning new things about everything from catalan food to Cava making and tasting.

reviewed by Bitten Pabst from Denmark on Jul.21.2014

We did the tour with Eric on the recommendation of a friend on the day of our first wedding anniversary. We've been on wine tours all around the world and this stands out as one of the best. You get to learn a lot about the process which means you'll make better purchases in the future. We got to taste a lovely range of cava in the great surroundings of the house; and then my favourite part was bottling your own Cava to take away! Eric's service was exceptional and he really made this a great trip. We had some time at the end before our train back to Barcelona so along with the others on our tour we bought a nice chilled bottle of Cava to enjoy in the sun in the grounds of the house. This tour is a must for anyone visiting the area, thanks Eric!

reviewed by Auditmunki from United Kingdom on Apr.15.2014

We wanted to go to Penedes and ended up on this cava tasting excursion, it was great. Eric made everything easy for logistics and once there we were surprised how much we learned about the cava tasting technique. it was a fun day and I plan to share the bottle from the tour with my sister over the Christmas holiday this year. I recommend this tour for anyone who is interested in cava and Penedes.

reviewed by Cindy from United States on Dec.03.2013

This is a fantastic idea and i cant recommend it enough. We were a group of 17 ladies on a hen do (sophisticated hen) and it was the perfect day out.

Eric is so knowledgeable and literally knows everything about Cava! He was happy to take us around the vineyard and show us the different grapes and vines. The setting is fantastic with wonderful views of the vineyards.

The cava itself is beautiful and having the choice of which type you wish to make is a fantastic.

The actual experience of creating your own Cava is great fun and a little scary at times (popping the cork out!).

All in all, a great day for all ages and groups.

reviewed by Sally from United Kingdom on Sep.03.2013

I went with a group of friends of mixed nationalities to celebrate my birthday, and everyone had a really good time. Even those who weren't big fans of cava before were really happy they came and left with a new appreciation. It was the perfect mix of learning and interactive fun, and the tasting was very generous! Eric was super welcoming, picked us up from the train station and everything. He speaks really good English and when another tour might have gotten too informative and boring, he really kept everyone's interest with jokes and personal involvement. And of course at the end we had our very own bottles to take home :)

I've been on plenty of wine tours before but this Create Your Own Cava experience managed to make it feel new to me, so if you want something different from just the traditional wine tour I would definitely recommend an afternoon here!

reviewed by Sarah from Sweden on Jul.26.2013

My wife and I loved this workshop. It was great learning all about Cava, and especially we loved going hands-on in the shop removing the yeast from the bottles, capping them, and putting on the labels! Drinking our own bottles back in our Barcelona apartment was really special too. For me though the best part of all was meeting Eric and talking about life and people in Catalunya - very friendly guy with lots of insight on local people and culture!

reviewed by David Rowley from United States on Jul.22.2013

Eric made it easy to get to his bodega. My wife and I travelled by train from Barcelona and his father, Miquel Angel, picked us up near the train station.

Eric gave us a tour of the bodega and we tasted 2 different aged cavas. For the workshop, we disgorged, corked and labeled our bottles that we chose.

After our workshop was finished, Miquel Angel drove us back to the train station.

Eric offers a very unique experience. A hands on workshop where you become part of the bottling process. This process is becoming automated with the larger cava producers so to step through the manual process is very special.

I have never seen or heard of a wine producer that offer this experience and in many wineries, it is rare to even meet the wine maker. Eric answers any questions you have and having the opportunity to spend the time talking about and drinking cava is wonderful.

One day we will return to the area to visit more cava bodegas and we will visit Eric again. The only thing I would do differently is bring a much larger group of friends to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Thank you Eric and Miquel Angel for making our visit a great and memorable experience.

reviewed by Brad from Canada on Jul.17.2013

We had such a fun time with Eric during this activity while at the same time learning a ton about the history and production of Cava in the region. There was a good balance of information, tasting and activity and we definitely got more than our monies worth for such a great and unique experience. I highly recommend the tour.

reviewed by Katie from United States on Jul.17.2013

Eric made our visit at artcava a day to remember for a long time.
He is very interesting,very friendly and very obliging.
We learned a lot and we laughed a lot.

reviewed by Mireille Grothé from Canada on Jun.07.2013

This was simply a visit of the most excellent quality. It was way above our expectations, having had a very hands on experience of making cava. Eric, as well, was most passionate in his explanations and in answering my family's tons of questions.
If you are in town to do a tour of the vineyards, then this should be top of your list!

reviewed by Shievar Bolipata from Philippines on Jun.07.2013

The tour was excellent.
I organised the trip as part of a hen party. I had been a little concerned it might be more educational than fun but that was not the case at all - gaining an understanding of the cava making process was exceedingly interesting and there was much fun and laughter throughout the tour, particularly during the bottling process at the end.

We stayed for a BBQ lunch that was great but don't forget your sun cream, the outside eating area is not yet mature so there is no shade!

reviewed by Leanne from United Kingdom on Jun.03.2013

This is an incredible experience to have in a beautiful location, with a wonderful staff. The entire day we spent there was enjoyable! I will be recommending this to friends.

reviewed by Cristina G. from United States on Feb.04.2013

Molt be Eric..aixo va en progres.

reviewed by micky from Spain on Jan.10.2013

The tour exceeded all expections we had. Eric communicated via emails with a professional and personal touch. The day was amazing and catered to every need we had.. It is an easy commute from Barcelona via train. Eric picked us up personally. The highlight was desgorging of the wine. Eric is extremelly knowledgable and very personalable. His passion for wine making is beautiful and the day was like travleing back into the history of wine making. It is the highlight of our trip and we recommend it to all visiting Spain.

reviewed by Sherry & Anna from United States on Oct.04.2012

This is one unique experience we ever had in our life. A huge thank you to Eric who made our trip perfect by making a honey moon special label for us. we will always remember this special day. In all, great fun!

ps: we love Timbot very much :)

reviewed by Silvia Hao from China on Sep.26.2012

We had an absolutely excellent time. The team are extremely knowledgable and passionate about what they do. If you have time, this is a great afternoon activity not to be missed. Muchas Gracias ArtCava!!

reviewed by caro from Switzerland on Aug.28.2012

Fantastic experience for any wine lovers! we had a great time and good laugh. It is all very professional and reliable. Eric picked us up from the train station and dropped us at Vilafranca where we had lunch then took the train back to Barcelona. Thanks :)

reviewed by Sandrine & Nick from United Kingdom on Aug.14.2012

We booked this a couple of days before going to Barcelona. The owner, Eric, met us at Lavern-Subirats station (about 45 mins from Barcelona Sants). We had a short tour of the cellar and learned some of the intricacies of Cava production.

But for me, the highlight of the day was the Cava tasting. Having never done professional wine tasting before, it was great to learn from a real expert. It was amazing how the flavours and aromas change with ageing and a little extra mastication of the grape-skins. In my opinion the Cava tasting is worth the entry-fee alone. Of course, bottling our own Cava (having chosen our favourites from the tasting session) was lots of fun too - we look forward to drinking it soon. It's just a shame we can't buy Eric's Cava here in London!

Overall, this was a really good experience and well worth the €30. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes wine with a few hours to spare in Barcelona.

reviewed by Martyn Whitwell from United Kingdom on May.10.2012

Just wanted to let you know we had a really nice time
at Create Your Own Cava. We are so glad we went, its such a different thing to do, interesting, fun and really would recommend it. its very bespoke, its very quaint and down to earth. Its something we won't forget!  So we just wanted to pass on our recommendation.  And now my husband knows how they put the cork in the bottle!  

reviewed by Clare from United Kingdom on Jan.11.2012

This day was amazing :)) one of my fav in Spain : We visited a small town an hour outside of Barcelona called VillaFranca known for its many vineyards, etc. We visited a small
vineyard where in fact they let you make your own cava. PLus we got a tour of the vineyard and classes on how to
taste and recognize the different types of Cava & of course we got to keep our bottle! :)

reviewed by Ana Flores  from Spain on Jan.02.2012

Fantastic. Eric picked us up and dropped us back at the station (it was easy to get to get to!) and we had loads of fun learning about the production methods - plus of course tasting the different Cavas. Bottling them was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to drinking "Buzzard's Brew" a delicious, crisp and light Cava, the moment I get home! The BBQ was a good call and we ate outside in the sun overlooking the vineyards.

reviewed by Rick Buzzard from United States on Nov.22.2011



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