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address: Passeig Picasso 10

tel: +34 (93) 2687017

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If you're literally hungry for a new experience, then you may have just found the perfect evening for you. Dans Le Noir? is much more than a restaurant, but an exciting food and wine activity that accentuates the powers of taste, touch and smell by taking away the sense that most of us rely on more than any other - our sight. Putting your hand on the shoulder of your fellow diners you'll be led from the Dans Le Noir? cocktail salon into the "Dark Room", where you'll literally be able to see nada. Blind waiters will then proceed to serve up a range of delicious dishes and much of the conversation with your friends will revolve around what you're eating and drinking, as taste is distilled to its bare essence. In fact many people confuse even strong flavours without their eyes to guide them, so be prepared for some surprises when your host reveals what was really on the menu! (Don't worry, there are no nasty surprises!). A great dining experience for groups of friends, or couples looking for something a bit different...

Dans Le Noir?

A bit different and thing to do in Spain except from the usual flamenco and tapas. Good for a small group of friends to get to know better!

reviewed by Anastasia from Russia on Nov.05.2012



Barcelona Guide Bureau
reviewed Sep.11.2017
"We do really appreciate everything in this journey. Amaia was really pretty..."
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