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One of the most popular sports for adrenaline freaks in Spain right now, kitesurfing (sometimes referred to as kiteboarding) involves tearing over the ocean waves on a small surfboard propelled by nothing more than a horse-shoe shaped kite and the power of Mother Nature. It's fast, it's exciting and it's ever-so-slightly dangerous! (You wouldn't want it any other way right?). Barcelona has become a mecca of kitesurfing in recent years, as all around the city up and down Spain's Costa Brava are a number of beaches which offer perfect kitesurfing conditions. If you're up for the challenge then we'll book you kitesurfing lessons with a professional instructor at one of the top schools on the Costa Brava, just outside Barcelona. You'll learn everything from your first waterstart, to how to perform backrolls and radical kiteloops - and you'll have a great time doing it! Email for more info on lessons and we'll fight to get you the best prices in Barcelona.

Kitesurfing Barcelona

Did some kiteboarding in Castadefells nr BCN last autumn. Winds were good and I learned a lot in a short time. Like most sports it's more fun the better you get.

reviewed by Stevo from United Kingdom on Jan.26.2011

Loved learning to kitesurf in Barcelona! Awesome sport, awesome people, awesome city! Go for it!

reviewed by Zeke from United States on Jul.09.2010

Hi Kayleigh, prices are 90 euros for 2.5 private/semi-private lesson, or a 10 hour package costs 300 euros and will really get you flying! Those are the standard prices from the school and there's no booking fee!

reviewed by Barcelona Life from Spain on May.12.2010

what are the average prices of kitesurfing lessons? Do the lessons take place in teh city of Barcelona itself, or on the coast of the Costa Brava? I would definitely be intersted in learning this crazy sport!

reviewed by Kayleigh from United States on Feb.08.2010



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