Free Barcelona Travel App


In case you hadn't noticed that new shiny icon at the top right of the Barcelona Life website, then we're glad to inform you that the hottest free iPhone travel app for Barcelona has just hit the market!

The Local Life application not only has all the juicy info available on Barcelona Life, but maps all the best hotels/hostels, restaurants, bars/clubs, shops, things to do, museums/galleries and service providers in 25 great European cities... more to be added soon!

The app automatically detects your location so you can easily access the relevant content according to your whereabouts in the world, and its easy-to-browse content allows you to read up on the best places in town, get directions to them and check the latest public opinion!

And whilst other travel apps charge you several dollars for a lot less, the Local Life app is free. You can download it right now from the Apple iTunes store, so what are you waiting for? Check it out and see what you think!

Source: Barcelona Life


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