Contortionist Thief Caught in Suitcase


Pickpockets and bag snatchers are a well-known hazard in Barcelona city centre (some tips here on how to avoid them), but most tourists would feel safe loading their luggage into the hold of the Barcelona to Girona bus. However a large number of travellers were getting to their destinations, only to find laptops and other valuables had completely vanished from their bags.

As it transpires two men were at the heart of the disappearances. One a 178cm tall contortionist who could fit his frame inside a suitcase, and the other his accomplice, who would load his partner in crime into the belly of the bus before boarding normally.

As the coach trundled towards its destination, the contortionist thief, Krzysztof Grzegorz, would free himself from the suitcase and rummage through all the luggage, collecting what he could before zipping himself back in his box. Jouoastaw K would then carry him, and the goods, off.

The two criminals were rumbled when an eagle-eyed bus driver noticed a passenger struggling with a suspiciously heavy suitcase and called the police. Officers opened up the unusually warm bag to find a sweaty man, nearly 6ft tall, equipped with a headlamp, a sharp tool and a cell phone.

A police spokesman later said: "I believe this is what the British call an open and shut case."

Source: Barcelona Life


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