Feathers Fly on Placa Catalunya


There were some bemused looks on Placa Catalunya this Sunday... and small wonder. Several hundred youngsters had gathered on the square, not to demonstrate against unemployment rates, globalisation or third world hunger, but to smash each other over the head with their pillows.

International Pillow Fight Day takes place in cities all over the world, and in Barcelona it was certainly celebrated in style. The sensation of joyously bashing complete strangers over the head with a cushion is not to be underestimated it seems, and the large crowd who'd gathered to do just that certainly were enjoying themselves... some had even gone to the trouble of arriving in fancy dress, whilst others put their friends on their shoulders and rode through the masses like crusading Knights of old charging into battle, a pillow in each hand!

If you missed the event then you can check these photos on Facebook, and make a note in your diary for 2012!

Source: Barcelona Life


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