Nun Expelled For Using Facebook


Spanish nun, Sister Maria Jesus Galan, has been expelled from her convent in Toledo for "spending too much time on Facebook" according to recent reports in the media.

Sister Galan entered the 14th century Santo Domingo el Real convent at the age of 21, but after nearly 35 years in the order has been asked to leave after developing an Internet addiction. A computer was first brought onto the premises after the Mother Superior to save the amount of time the nuns needed to interact with the outside world. "It enabled us do things such as banking online and saved us having to make trips into the city," the Telegraph quoted Sister Galan as saying. However, the savvy nun quickly realised the other possibilities of entering the digital world, and painstakingly scanned the convent library's precious archives for public use - work that saw her awarded a local prize and saw her story published in press around the world.

Thanks to her new found fame, 'Sister Internet', as she was dubbed by her fellow nuns, subsequently garnered 600 friends on Facebook, before being accused of spending too much time on the social networking site (presumably they were angry at her hogging the convent's only computer). The Dominican order meanwhile has refused to pass comment on the exact reasons behind Sister Galan's departure describing it as "an internal matter".

Maria Jesus, as she is now simply known, has for the time being moved back in with her elderly mother and is contemplating visits to New York and London. You can follow her on Facebook here!

Source: Barcelona Life


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