Shakira Moving to Barcelona


Great news for Latin music lovers this week in Barcelona. Saucy South American pop starlet, Shakira, is rumoured to be moving over here on a permanent basis, at least if the tittle-tattle of Britain's finest tabloids are to be believed.

Amidst rumours of a blossoming relationship with FC Barcelona defender and World Cup winner, Gerard Pique, The Sun reported at the weekend that Shakira is renting a luxury pad on an indefinite lease from Spanish ex-swimming champion, David Meca.

The Sun quoted their source as saying "Shakira has a sister who lives there and she already spends a lot of time there but is now planning on setting up her European base." Which makes her sound a bit like Ryanair... hopefully she won't charge guests of her new villa to use the toilet.

Shakira, along with her truthful hips and small and humble breasts, will undoubtedly be welcomed to Barcelona by her fans, however the city council may be less pleased to see her. The last time she was in town she was fined for flaunting public laws by dancing in a fountain and riding a motorbike without a helmet, during shooting of her video 'Loca'. Naughty girl!

Source: Barcelona Life


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