Ryanair vs. Spanish Law


You might be familiar with the scenario. You've shopped around online for your flights to Barcelona and found Ryanair are the cheapest. You duly snap up your bargain basement tickets, check in online like a good boy/girl and turn up at the airport ready to fly... only you forgot to print your boarding pass. No problems you're thinking. A vast international company like Ryanair aren't going to cook up a fuss about the cost of printing a single piece of paper right? You would of course be wrong. They are going to charge you a 40 euro/GBP 'adminstration' fee, often more than the cost of the flight itself.

Que cabrones! as we might say in Spain. That's certainly what one Spanish lawyer felt when he fell victim to the Ryanair ploy, sorry policy, and he promptly took the airline to court. The judge of the Barcelona commercial court ruled in his favour, declaring that it was Ryanair's responsibility to issue the boarding pass.

Ryanair are currently appealing the decision and are threatening to withdraw the service of reissuing boarding passes at all, instead denying passengers the right to fly - or else charging them for a new ticket. Whilst their appeal is being assessed it's business as usual, so be sure to press print at home and save yourself 40 euros at the airport.

Ryanair fly to Barcelona's central El Prat Airport and the nearby Reus Airport and Girona Airport.

Source: Barcelona Life


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It definitely seems designed as much to catch people out, and raise their profits, as to help their efficiency... so far I've managed to remember whenever flying with them but sure I will be caught out eventually.

reviewed by Editor from Spain on Feb.07.2011

I was 2minutes late at checking in myself and my sisters online I had put in all our information and pressed the button to print passes but because I missed the 4 hour check in by 2 minutes they stopped the process and we were each charged the 40 fee to issue us boarding passes at the airport, I think this charge is excessive.

reviewed by Anne Campbell from United Kingdom on Feb.07.2011