Barcelona Life Launch Printed Maps!


Merry Christmas Barcelona! Take a look around the city in the coming days (weeks and months) and you're sure to find a little present from us at Barcelona Life... our brand new printed maps of the city!

Call us mad in a digital age, but we still like to have traditional map to hold in our hand when we're navigating a new place, rather than squinting onto our iThing-a-me-bob or twiddling with our Smart/Touchy Android. That's why we've spent the last few months beavering away to bring the visitors (and residents!) of Barcelona a physical guide which they can put in their pocket and carry around the city with them on their adventures.

With the Barcelona Life guide map you are well equipped to explore everywhere from the labyrinthine alleys of the Gothic Quarter and El Born, to the hilly tracks of Montjuic mountain and its abundance of cultural treasures. Not only that but we've taken the liberty of recommending a handful of great places to sleep, eat, drink, shop, play and visit; and on the flip side of the map we've included everything from travel and language tips to a calendar of the best events in Barcelona and a top article from our database.

You should easily be able to find our map on account of its deep moody-red colour, emblazoned with the Barcelona Life logo. They are available at tonnes of great hotels, hostels, apartments, bars, cafes, restaurants and points of interest around the city; and if your place of accommodation doesn't stock these maroon marvels then ask the staff "Why the Devil not?" (colonial English accent optional).

If you are struggling to pin down a copy then please consult our list of Barcelona Life guide-maps premium collection points, or go straight to one of our two principal partners - Green Bikes and Stoke Bar, both of which have a healthy stock come rain or shine!

We hope you like the first edition of our guide map and find it a useful aid on your meanderings. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve it, or if (heaven forbid!) we've made a mistake/typo etc., then just drop us a line at

So all that remains to say is happy travels from the Barcelona Life team and have yourselves a good ol' merry Christmas!

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