Naked Protest Against Fur


Around 100 animal rights activists stripped off their clothes to form a naked protest on Placa Sant Jaume this weekend, in a bid to draw attention to the cruelties of Spain's fur fashion industry.

The large number of protesters was intended to represent the rough number of animals killed to make a single fur coat; and to reinforce their point the activists covered themselves in blood-red paint and lay in a motionless heap in the middle of the square - just outside the government buildings.

"People who are sensitive to animal suffering see garments made from fur as acts of cruelty and pain, not as luxury items," said Leticia Olivares, a spokesperson for the international animal rights group Anima Naturalis, which organised the demonstration. "Animals need their fur, we don't."

In Spain, in fur farms around Catalonia and other Northern provinces, millions of foxes, minks, otters, beavers, lynxes and other mammals are killed, often in brutal ways, to make fur coats. They are either captured in the wild, or raised in captivity in small cages. So hopefully the group's actions will see at least a few coats scratched off people's Christmas lists.

Source: Barcelona Life


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