Alonso Loses F1 Championship


It was a bad day for Fernando Alonso and Ferrari in Abu Dhabi at the weekend when the script seemed to be leading the Spaniard to a third Formula One Championship. Much like a Dan Brown novel however, there was more than one twist in the tale of the closing chapter and instead victory in both the final grand prix of the season and the driver's world championship, went to Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull's sensational young German.

Alonso had come into the race as heavy favourite to wrap things up for Ferrari, leading on points and only needing second place to be sure of the title (a Vettel victory meant he could have come in as low as fourth). Considering he had won four of the previous eight F1 races and he had qualified in third on the grid everything seemed to be going well. However a huge tactical error by Ferrari, who seemed too preoccupied with monitoring the strategy of Red Bulls' drivers, meant that when Alonso came out of the pits he was stuck in traffic behind Renault's Vitaly Petrov.

The Russian made life very difficult for him and in the end Alonso simply was unable to pass the Renault and had to settle for a hugely disappointing 7th place, and 2nd overall in the 2010 driver's championship. Despite cries from the Italian press, and even politicians, calling for heads to roll in the Ferrari set up, Fernando remained philosophical.

"It was a tough race, really difficult. I lost one position at the start and then we saw problems with the soft tyres and we tried to cover for Webber. I have no complaints about strategy. After the race it's always easy to see the best strategy. It was a very difficult call I think. We will try again next year."

If you are an F1 freak then you can even catch Alonso and Ferrari next year at the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix near Barcelona!

Source: Barcelona Life


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