Paul The Psychic Octopus Dies


Football fans will no doubt remember the biggest star of the World Cup 2010 with great fondness... not Lionel Messi or David Villa, but Paul the Psychic Octopus, who caused controversy in his native Germany by predicting Spain would win the crucial semi-final clash between the two great footballing nations. The Spanish, no doubt boldened by these propitious prophecies, did indeed win before going on to be crowned World Champions...

Naturally poor old Paul became the least popular cephalopod in Saxony with many footie fans threatening to grill the divining octopus with a squeeze of lemon and drop of black pepper and put an end to his soothsaying ways for good!

They didn't get their way, but nonetheless Paul is no more. Reports by an aquarium spokesperson state that Paul died peacefully of old age (2.5 years) in his tank on Monday morning....

...or did he? According to Jiang Xiao, an investigative journalist and director of a forthcoming documentary entitled Who Killed Paul the Octopus?, Paul died two days before the World Cup final and his death has subsequently been covered up by German authorities, who simply replaced him with a similar looking cephalopod.

Is this just a conspiracy theory or has Germany transgressed all known marine laws and committed a barbarous act against an innocent animal? One who put his commitment to the truth above national interests and whose only reward was to be bestowed the title of 'traitor'.

Source: Barcelona Life


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