British Drug Gang Arrested in Ibiza


Twenty four British citizens have been arrested by Spanish police in Ibiza after making a drugs raid on the island. The police seized cocaine, ecstasy pills, MDMA and other recreational drugs in the gang members' San Antonio homes, on the West coast of Ibiza, a short boat ride away from Barcelona and one of Spain's most popular holiday destinations.

A spokesperson for the Spanish police said: "This operation is still going on and we cannot give any details at this stage," whilst the British Foreign Office has acknowledged the arrest saying: "We are aware of a number of arrests in Ibiza involving British nationals and are offering consular assistance."

Drugs in Ibiza have been a real bugbear for Spanish police for decades with the island emerging as one of the centres of dance music worldwide and a notorious spot for all night (and day) raves and hedonism. A similar raid took place last September, the end of the clubbing season, in which Spanish police arrested 25 Britons in gangs from Manchester and Liverpool.

Source: Barcelona Life


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