Museum of Erotica For Sale!


Looking for an original birthday present? Then you'll be delighted to know that Barcelona's Museum of Erotica is on the market - on Ebay to be precise! Housing more than 800 exhibits consisting of the owner's private collection of pornography and exotica from around the world and attracting around 40,000 curious tourists each year it may be just the thing to liven up your gran's special day.

Built in 1997, the museum houses objects from different time periods and regions of Europe and the Far East. It deals with subjects including the erotic role of women, sadomasochism and Spanish erotic cinema.

The owner decided to sell the museum online in order to reach a greater number of possible buyers (and let's face it Ebayers will buy any old junk). Bidding for the entire collection starts at 300,000 euros.

Source: Barcelona Life


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