Tragedy at Tibidabo


There was tragic news in Barcelona in this weekend, when a 15-year-old girl died during a ride at the Tibidabo Amusement Park. On Saturday evening a ride called El Pendulo, or 'The Pendulum', malfunctioned when its mechanical arm broke, sending a basket of passengers crashing onto another ride. Two other teenagers were also in serious condition after the accident, with one young boy escaping the wreckage with only minor injuries.

Workers were called to the ride earlier in the day, after it was reported as making strange noises, however after testing the ride was re-opened. A huge crane-like construction, the ride's arm swings in a big arc, like a pendulum and has been described as "the ultimate free fall and the first of its kind in Spain". Although the Tibidabo Amusement Park dates back 1889, and maintains some of the original entertainment from that time, El Pendulo was introduced to the park just four years ago and billed as one of its major attractions. The park is currently closed as the accident is investigated.

Source: Barcelona Life


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