Spain Second Happiest Country in Europe


According to a recent survey by Coca Cola in 16 countries across the globe, Spain ranked as the second happiest in Europe! The soft drinks giant surveyed 12,500 consumers from countries which included the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Bulgaria, France and Romania. Romanians were the surprise winners from this particular continent (although with their beautiful countryside, cheap wine and of course the Cheeky Girls, why not?) whilst Spaniards declared themselves nearly as content with 89% of residents happy with their lives.

Friends and family were the overwhelming sources of joy, although sex and relationships played a big role with 67% of Spaniards saying they were happiest when with their partner, whilst others cited eating and listening to music as the happiest moments of their daily routine. Only 16% confessed to being happy at work... which is perhaps why the Spanish have remained so content in the wake of mass unemployment and economic instability. At least it provides more free time to hit the beach!

Source: Barcelona Life


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