Bicibox To Protect Barcelona Bikes


Barcelona, with its hundreds of kilometres of bike paths, largely flat terrain and warm weather has long been bicycle friendly. However one thorn in bike owners' sides is the high rate of petty crime and bike thieves who operate in the city, making leaving their vehicles unattended a risky option. As many Barcelonans live in high rise flats carrying bikes up flights of stairs - or having to risk the neighbours wrath by manoeuvring them in and out of the tiny lifts that service most apartments - is the not very attractive alternative that puts many people off owning and using bikes for transport.

The chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (EMT), Antoni Poveda, however has recently unveiled a prototype of a new system which could solve this ongoing problem. Called the 'Bicibox', this safety installation is a large container with 7 or 14 compartments in which bicycles may be parked and locked using a magnetic card, which users would pay a 35 euros per annum subscription for. 1,500 spaces have been planned at an investment of one million euros and an annual operating cost of 500,000 euros, however it is hoped that reduced traffic and carbon emissions will see a large benefit in return for that investment.

As keen bikers ourselves we're all for the Bicibox, which would make private bicycle ownership a much more viable proposition in Barcelona. Currently many resident prefer to use the famous red-and-white Bicing public bikes, however it's not the same as owning your own set of wheels!

Happily for tourists there are innumerable companies offering excellent rate on bicycle rentals, whilst arguably the best way to see the city is to sign up for a bike tour of Barcelona!

Source: Barcelona Life


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