Spanish Boy Becomes 16-yr-old Transsexual


Ok, so there's a little shortage of news going around right now, which is why we've gone all Daily Mail on you for this 'human interest' story. According to recent reports in the press a Spanish boy living in Barcelona has become one of the youngest transsexuals in the world after undergoing the knife aged just 16. Whilst the patient has decided to remain anonymous the surgeon who performed the surgery, Ivan Manero, has assured the world that the surgery was successful and the patient is recovering well. According to Dr. Manero, the boy had been undergoing hormonal and psychiatric treatment for two years, after deciding he wanted to undergo surgery to have the body of a woman. According to him the boy "said he felt like a woman from the age of four or five." Generally speaking sex change operations are not allowed to be performed in Spain before the age of 18, but the boy's parents took the case to court and a judge ruled in favour of the surgery - which the parents also paid for.

Source: Barcelona Life


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