Salvador Dali's Body Exhumed for Paternity Test


In what can only be described as a surreal turn of events the body of the notorious Spanish painter Salvador Dali was exhumed last week in a four hour operation designed to settle the case of a paternity test. The claimant in question is one María Pilar Abel Martínez, a television tarot card reader who says her mother had an affair with Dalí in the 1950s, when working in Cadaqués near the painter's home.

The claim is hotly contested by the Dali's foundation, who fought against the exhumation taking place, however the Madrid court ruled that it was the only way to settle the claim. Dali died in 1989 with no known children (indeed he himself claimed to have been impotent) and if Ms Martinez' claim proves to be true then she is thought to be entitled to the value of around 25% of his estate.

Whilst it may be several weeks until we know the conclusions of the DNA samples taken what is known already is that the artist's signature moustache has remained gloriously intact even in death.

Source: Barcelona Life


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reviewed by Stephen Williams from United States on Feb.04.2018