Barcelona Puts Its Pigeons On The Pill


And yes, we do mean the contraceptive pill.

In a last-ditch attempt to decrease the amount of pigeon poo you'll find from the Sagrada Familia to the Ramblas to…well, just about anywhere in the city, the local authorities have decided it's time to put a ruffle in their feathers.

The original plan was to catch and kill the birds, which unsurprisingly was hugely unpopular with animal rights groups and sparked protests.

So they came with plan B - to stop the pigeons from reproducing rather than kill them. They'll give the birds the contraceptive pill with special food, which will be distributed in special feeding stalls all over the city. After the first year, they'll evaluate how things are going, but are hoping to cut down on pigeons by up to 80% over the near five years.

The feeding spots will go up by next spring. Current estimates place the number of pigeons in Barcelona at around 85,000, which translates to a whole lot of pigeon mess.

If you, unlike Barcelona's local authorities, have a soft spot for pigeons, you can go to Placa Catalunya, where vendors will sell you food to feed the birds to your heart's content.

Source: Barcelona Life


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reviewed by Najeeb Ali from United States on Feb.04.2018