More Bike Lanes Coming to Barcelona


The Telegraph has officially declared that a "cycling revolution" has landed on the shores of Barcelona. This month, there are five new bike lanes that are kicking off the revolution to bring more bikes to the streets of Barna.

This will no doubt be welcome news to fans of the local community bike-share program Bicing, as well as the many visitors who find getting around the city on a bike tour is the best way to visit the sights.

Mayor Ada Colau has pledged €32 million to help cyclists out, with things like new bike lanes, more parking for bicycles and stricter traffic calming laws. By 2018, the city aims to have an 165% increase in bike lanes from today, which will bring up the total kilometres of bike lanes to an impressive 308.

While the increases are good news for cyclists, the current state of affairs for bike lovers isn't too shabby at all. There are plenty of bike lanes and much of the city is relatively flat, particularly in the areas most appealing to visitors. Locals bike lots too, as attested to by the astonishing number of trips on Bicing; last year, the company announced it had reached its 100 millionth trip on the bikes.

Thinking a little cycling by the Mediterranean sounds nice? Why not try out a tour by our friends over at Steel Donkeys or eBikes Barcelona? For getting out of the city try Montefusco Cycling.

Source: The Telegraph


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reviewed by Stephen Williams from United States on Feb.04.2018