Is This the End for Bullfighting in Spain?


A new European parliament vote might spell the end for bullfighting.

The parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of stopping using public subsidies to fund bullfights.

Although the EU wasn't directly funding bullfighting, the bull breeding industry benefitted from money from the Common Agricultural Policy. The subsidies are worth around 100 million a year.

Now, the 2016 budget rules state that the agricultural allowance can't be used to fund any bullfighting activities. Subsidies will be withheld from estates that breed bulls for fighting.

Bullfighting has been declining in popularity in Spain in recent years, and is banned in some parts of the country, including the Canary Islands and Catalonia, so don't come to Barcelona hoping to see a bullfight!

There are plenty of more entertaining things to do in the city anyway - may we start you off with these suggestions?

Source: Barcelona Life


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