Spain the Best Country for Holiday Flings


Looking to add a bit of spice to your holidays? Then Spain is the perfect place for your next weekend away. The Spanish have taken the title as the Europeans most likely to have a summer fling sometime between June and September.

A French dating app wanted to know what Europeans thought about summer romances, so they asked a group of Brits, French, Italian, and Spanish users about their holiday habits. A full 94% of the Spanish users said they'd be likely to have a summer romance. (The Italians came in close at 91%).

If you're dreaming of finding your own Latin lover on your next trip, then head straight to the beach, bar, or club - those were chosen as the best places to meet a potential partner. For younger travelers, the beach was voted an especially good place to meet someone.

But don't expect your holiday fling to turn into the romance of the century. 85% of Spanish respondents said their summer romances were strictly short-term flings.

When asked further about their amorous adventures on their 'vacaciones', the Spanish users preferred meeting people face to face versus using an app. Still, they were also the most likely to use apps to meet people (17% of respondents said they did).

If you've already got a Spanish sweetie, no need to worry about them holiday. In general, Spanish survey respondents said they didn't plan on cheating on their partners, unlike over half of French and Italian respondents.

So why not enjoy the last of the warm weather with a sexy Latin lover at your side in Barcelona? There are certainly plenty of bars, clubs and beaches where you can chat up your next fling during the last few weeks of summer. Check our our guides to the best of Barna's beaches and bars to pick a good place to get started.

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