Barcelona the Med's Most Bike-Friendly City


Cyclists in Barcelona have something to be pleased about - the city is doing something right when it comes to biking. BCN has been declared the Mediterranean's most bike-friendly city according to the Copenhagenize Index.

Barcelona ranks 11th in the world, and is one of just two Spanish cities in the top 20. Seville in the south of Spain came in just ahead of the Catalan capital in 10th place.

Spain's capital city Madrid didn't even come close to making it onto the list. The report stated, "There is no El Clasico on the bicycle urbanism path, with Madrid so painfully far behind."

The list is made up of mostly European cities, although a couple of other cities snuck in - Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Minneapolis in the USA.

Here's who made the complete top 20 ranking:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
3. Utrecht, Netherlands
4. Strasbourg, France
5. Eindhoven, Netherlands
6. Malmö, Sweden
7. Nantes, France
8. Bordeaux, France
9. Antwerp, Belgium
10. Seville, Spain
11. Barcelona, Spain
12. Berlin, Germany
13. Ljubljana, Slovenia
14. Buenos Aires, Argentina
15. Dublin, Ireland
16. Vienna, Austria
17. Paris, France
18. Minneapolis, USA
19. Hamburg, Germany
20. Montreal, Canada

So what is Barcelona doing right when it comes to cycling? The bike sharing program Bicing got a shout-out for being "one of the best on the planet" and helping "boost cycling levels across the board."

Apart from that, the city has an ever-increasing number of bike lanes. It's also a fairly flat city with a number of zones with a low 30 km/hour speed limit, making cycling around easy. You can get to most places of interest in the city within 20 minutes on bike (half an hour if you're going really far out of the way). Plus, it lets you see more of the city than going on the metro would.

Need any more convincing that biking is the way to go in Barna? Check out our pages on everything cycling-related, including where to rent a bike and what the best two wheel tours in the city are.

Source: Copenhagenize.

Source: Barcelona Life


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