Spanish Declared World's Happiest Language


And the award for the most positive-sounding language in the entire world goes to... Spanish!

Research group MITRE Corporation and some very clever scientists at the University of Vermont deemed Spanish to be the happiest-sounding language out of the ten major idioms that they tested.

How did they figure that out?

They took the top 10,000 most-used words in the languages (based on frequency). Then, a group of 50 native speakers rated the words on a happiness scale of 1-10. Some words were rated positively or negatively across all the languages ('love', for instance, was universally positively rated).

The researchers had chosen the words from all different kinds of sources, from literature and news to Twitter posts. They estimate they got over 100 billion words just from Twitter!

Then, they added up all the scores and ranked the languages. Spanish was the happiest, then Portuguese, and then English rounding out the top three.

The lowest-ranking languages were Russian, Korean, and Chinese, which came in dead last in their study.

But even for the unhappiest languages in their study, all the languages skewed more positive than negative. Looks like most of us look on the bright side of things, no matter what language we speak.

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Source: Barcelona Life


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