Vodka Tonics All The Rage in BCN


Barcelona's a fantastic place to get your party on, whether you're a local or a visitor. But for visitors hoping to blend in with the locals, there's one drink you should be ordering - a vodka tonic. It's the trendy new drink that's taking over the coctelerias in the city, starting at Slow Barcelona.

Their master mixologists Francesc Bretau and Francesc Galera have come up with a creative new round of vodka tonic drinks, mixing it up with vodkas from all kinds of ingredients, like wheat, potatoes, grapes, and corn. They've also gotten the best vodkas from around the planet, from Russia to Finland to Canada.

So why have vodka tonics taken off? For the past few years, offers for 'gin tonics' have been scribbled on every Barna bar's blackboard and every moderno ("hipster") had to have one. But now it's time for a change. The vodka tonic is a new twist on the old G&T trend, offering up a more neutral flavour. For mixologists that enables them to play around with flavours more to get the perfect drink for your palate, whether you like sweet fruit-flavored drinks or prefer a tangy blend of herbs and spices.

And of course, a savvy drinker like yourself is probably wondering where you can jump on the vodka tonic train.

That answer is simple - get yourself down to Slow, where the Francescs will get you sorted out. They've got a list of about twenty "Perfect Serves" vodkas and a dozen types of tonic. Plus, they have a huge selection of fruits and veggies, herbs and flowers, and spices and essences to add to your "V&T" base to get the perfect mix for you.

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Source: Barcelona Life


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