Spanish Speaking English Better Than Ever


Are you planning on visiting Spain… but don't speak Spanish? If the answer is yes, then we have some good news!

Visitors to Spain have long struggled to get their point across via sign language before throwing their hands up in frustration.

But that's all changing. Levels of English in Spain are better than ever.

In this year's Education First English Language Proficiency Index study, Spain rose three places to come #20 out of 63 total countries. Spain is only two places behind Switzerland now.

The best non-native English speaking country is Denmark, trailed by the Netherlands and Sweden.

In just seven years, Spain has gone from being considered one of the weakest places in Europe for English to being above-average. The only other countries to have improved their English skills more than Spain are Turkey, Poland, and Estonia.

How did Spain come up in the rankings so quickly?

It's in part thanks to Spain's government classifying English as one of the basic skills students must learn. There's also been a huge uptick in the number of bilingual Spanish-English schools.

But… there's still one question to be answered. Who speaks the very best English in Spain?

The Basque Country, a region to the north famous for its food, came in first. Women scored slightly better than men, and the best age range was 35-44.

Now you know who the best locals to flirt with in English are - Basque women in their mid-thirties to mid-forties!

On the other hand, if you fall for somebody from Extremadura, you may want to brush up on your Spanish. This region scored the lowest overall in Spain for English proficiency.

Barcelona's region of Catalonia falls right in the middle of the pack.

Now that Spaniards have improved their English so much, perhaps it's time for us 'angloparlantes' to return the favor. Tempted to start learning Spanish yourself? Click here for more information.

Source: Barcelona Life


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