Oral Sex Schools To Open in Spain


Well blow me! The news that a St. Petersburg oral sex school is planning on colonising Spain is enough to shock the most liberal of editors, but it seems this is no cock and bull story. According to respected Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Ekaterina Liubimova, who already runs two sex academies in St. Petersburg and Moscow, is planning to open two more in Ibiza and Tenerife.

At these hallowed institutes of higher learning, ardent students will not only be able to sign up for best-selling courses on the fine art of fellatio, but they will also be able to enroll for advance classes such as "the male orgasm" and "the 100 best sex techniques". The aim of all workshops, say Liubimova, is to teach women to "awaken their inner beast".

According to The Local, such classes cost around 100 for a 3.5 hour session; and despite Spain's well-documented economic problems one can't help that feel it's a fee that most should find easy to swallow if it means getting ahead in their relationship.

Source: Barcelona Life


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