Spanish Mums Strip For School Bus


A group of Spanish mothers have decided to bare all in an erotic 2013 calendar to raise funds to pay for their children's school bus, after government cuts left pupils facing a lengthy walk to classes.

In total 83 children between the ages of 3 and 10 from the state school Evaristo Catalayud de Montserrat, in Valencia, have been left without transport after Spain's Education counsel ruled that free school transport should only apply to students living more than 3 kms away as the crow flies.

However as one Spanish mum was quoted "The rule relates to straight line routes but those can't be applied here as the straight line route from our village has a mountain in the middle and a massive quarry, so it's impossible to do." The result is that the affected pupils now face an arduous 6km walk over a mix of unpaved roads and motorways just to get to classes each day.

It's calculated that the mums need to raise 43,000 euros from their pulchritude to replace the withdrawn bus route and hopes are high that the local and Spanish community will dig into their pockets for a glimpse at the yummy mummies in their lingerie... and less.

Whether their children will want to go to school after that kind of public humiliation is another question entirely...

Video in English.

Video in Spanish.

Source: Barcelona Life


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