Barcelona Hotel Prices Falling


No one is claiming a global recession is a good thing, but it doesn't have to be 100% doom and gloom. Whilst the Barcelona Life team are no economic whizz kids, it's easy to understand that a lower numbers of tourists increases competition between service providers which in turn drives prices down.

The latest surveys by the travel industry show that this is exactly what's happening in the hospitality sector in Barcelona, as well as the rest of Spain. The average cost of a hotel room in Barcelona during October 2008 was 151 euros, and that is down to just 125 euros for October 2009 - a saving of 17%. So if you're one of the lucky ones riding out the economic storm with aplomb now is great time to visit.

In addition to the lower prices of hotel rooms in Barcelona, many restaurants are now offering lunch specials and great value menus of the day, whilst the Barcelona Life team have noted with great pleasure the proliferation of happy hours being advertised by bars around the city.

Source: Barcelona Life


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